About ImageryAdventures

My name is Russell Layton and I’m pursuing a career in photography and printing. My parents started Layton Printing, Inc. in 1987 and we are now a niché publication printer. Growing up I was fortunate to travel the United States and Europe quite extensively on business trips with my dad and also as a family on holiday.

I am passionate about the world we live in, namely earth’s natural treasures. I believe in being stewards of our environment and treating the earth the way we want it to treat future generations. My goal is to photograph earth’s remote landscapes and share those images with the rest of the world. I truly appreciate the freedoms we have in this country to be able to travel – I think this is one of the most under-looked freedoms Americans retain and I am thankful for those who continue to make this possible.

Landscapes are constantly changing. Climate, development and tourism, pollution, and even natural changes in earth’s cycles cause a landscape to be in constant change. Being able to photograph these often harsh environments is mostly non-destructive but allows other people who cannot physically visit these locations to be able to appreciate them as still images.

I am also in a constant state of change. My tastes, interests, connections, and even body are all changing with each passing year. At age 22, I am at the start of my career but I feel as if the last couple of years I have changed immensely. Below are some of my interests:

Music: Country, trance, rock, alternative, limited hip-hop

Food: Not picky here, I’m a garbage disposal

Current Vehicle: 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT (personal car but frequently changes)

Movies: Pianist, Schindler’s List, Black Hawk Down, Oceans’ Series

Actress: Jennifer Anniston – she’s still got it

Beverage: regular cup of coffee


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