Snow Chains in August


Yesterday I fitted the snow chains on the truck that we received from out of Johnstown, PA. When ordering the chains, I called to ask for some direction regarding wear, weight, and installation. I was very pleased to talk to the owner on a Saturday morning on the second ring. No auto-answer-I’ll-connect-you crap here. He reassured me that we had ordered the best tire chains for our application and explained the advantages of cams vs. no cams when it comes to mud and rocks. Basically cams are an easy way of tightening snow chains around a tire but the drawback is that they can become caked with mud or come undone when coming into contact with a rock or curb. We don’t have cams on our chains. Our order also came with 1.3# rubber tighteners to keep the slack of the chains on the outside of the tire. ~ImageryAdventures


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